What You Need to Do Before School

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Summer vacation is over and it’s time to get your vehicle back in shape for the daily commute. As a family-owned and operated business, we know that getting your kids in the car for school is not an easy task. Here are our tips on how to make the first ride to school easy.


Car Seats 

Now is the perfect excuse to adjust your child’s car seats before the snowfalls.  Weigh your child before checking your car seat’s weight restrictions to have the most up-to-date numbers. Reweigh your child in a month if your child is close to outgrowing their car seat to assure their comfort and safety. All straps should be adjusted snuggly and check for tears.

If you are having difficulty installing the car seat, there are experts in Winnipeg that can help you. The Winnipeg Fire Department no longer checks car seats so it is important to find someone who can do it safely is you are not confident in your installation job.

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Clean Car 

Children are messy. The back to school rush will increase the wear and tear on your vehicle regardless of if they eat in your car.


The morning rush can sometimes mean breakfast on the go. Kids LOVE eating in the car, but we don’t love their mess. Invest in spill-proof sippy cups and travel mugs for the family and keep a garbage can with a lid within arm’s reach. Keep a rechargeable vacuum and set of wipes on hand, just in case. It also couldn’t hurt to brush up on your first aid and CPR if your kids eat in the car more than once a month.

Backpacks, shoes, and zippers are all guilty of scratching your vehicle’s interior. We suggest installing an organizer to the back of the driver’s and front passenger’s seat to help protect your interior with the bonus of extra storage pockets. If your child is older and has a big kid backpack, hooks can be hung over the seat to hand their bag. If you have young children that can’t help pulling everything out of their backpack, keep their bags in the trunk. Our parts team can help you find the perfect solution to any storage issue you may be having. You can reach out to our team here to learn more.

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Vehicle Check-Up 

If you are taking your kids to daycare and school, your vehicle will probably be stopping and going more than it did before. During your next oil change, your advisor will tell you how much left you have on your brakes. If they need to be replaced, the sooner the better for driving in areas with kids. Lights, battery power, and overall safety mechanisms should also be regularly checked.

Fuel Up 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes filling up with kids in the car isn’t worth the hassle. If your children tend to get into trouble the moment you look away, consider filling up before you pick up your family or going to a full-service gas station. If all else fails, bribery is a good incentive.

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Happy back to school! If you aren’t sure your vehicle can make it through another school year, visit our service shop!

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