What To Do After A Car Accident

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           I have had my fair share of car accidents and have learnt a thing or two about what to do after one. The first five seconds of an accident are the scariest but does get better. It is important to remember the only thing that matters at that moment is your safety. 


Here are Six Steps to Remember 


Step 1: Stay Safe 

Make sure you and your passengers are safe before anything else. Call emergency services right away if required. 


Step 2: Take Pictures 

Take photos of the damage done to your vehicle, other property, and, if possible, the position of the accident. This will save you from the grief of conflicting damage reports. 

 Grayscale Photo of Wrecked Car Parked Outside

Step 3: Move Out of the Way 

Move your vehicle off the roadway to avoid causing another accident. Turn on your blinkers but turn off your engine. If your vehicle is not drivable push it off the roadway or call a tow truck. 


Step 4: Exchange Insurance Information 

If your accident involves another party, exchange insurance and contact information. You might think it is unnecessary at the time, but it will be important later. Be sure to get their full name, driver’s license number, plate number, and if you are comfortable, a phone number. Don’t forget to gather contact information from witnesses as it may become important. 


Step 5: Report It 

Report your accident to MPI and any other necessary parties such as employers or organizations that own the vehicle. If your vehicle is undrivable, a tow truck will be required to remove your vehicle from the roadway. 

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Step 6: Checkups 

Both your vehicle and you require a checkup after a car accident. Visit a doctor within the first day or two after your accident to make sure you have not done unseen damage to your body in the accident. Have a qualified party review your vehicle for any possible damage.  



Moving Forward 


After an accident, you may be afraid to drive down the same road again or even to drive at all. If you are capable, take a leisurely drive past your place of the accident. Remember, an accident is just that, an accident.


Next Steps

Unfortunately, sometimes vehicles are unrepairable. If you are in need of a vehicle right away, CROWN Auto Group can help you find a new vehicle to suit your needs.


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