The Hassles of Smoking While Driving

August 13th, 2018 by

Smoking in the vehicle can be tricky if you still do it. Lighting a flame inside of a moving gas tank can be dangerous and downright difficult.  If your lifestyle still involves lighting one up after a long day, be sure to do it responsibly.


Smoking stinks. Your vehicle’s fabrics absorbed all of the gross stuff you expel when you exhale the smoke from your cigarette. Just like pet dandruff, it gets trapped inside and is very hard to get rid of the smell. Having an air freshener, leaving coffee overnight, and vinegar is all ways you can temporarily remove the scent.


It is illegal to smoke inside a vehicle if there is a child under the age of 16 in the vehicle in Manitoba. Ask your passengers if they mind you smoking while they are in the vehicle. Many people have allergies and asthma. Smoking around these people can be very harmful to their health. Verify that they are willing to enter a smoker’s vehicle before offering to drive.

Absent Ash Trays

Many vehicles in 2018 do not come with an ashtray. This is due to decreasing numbers of smokers in North America. Flicking your ashes onto the roadway and not a vehicle passing by. This will keep the ashes from falling onto your lap, causing a distraction.

Keeping an old pop can in your cup holder is a good alternative to an ashtray if your vehicle is missing one. Flicking them off to the road has been know to cause large bush and forest fires.

Cigarette Burns

Cigarette burns give you a “hole” new perspective on upholstery. Invest in a good leather repair kit and a jar of mayonnaise. The easiest way to prevent them is to avoid smoking while your vehicle is in motion. 

Regular Detailing

Detailing your car is important to keep it smelling fresh and free of film build up. If you’ve ever hand washed your clothing after smoking you know how easy it is for smoke to become trapped in fabric. Weeks of built up smoke will change the colour of your interior and your windows will start to yellow. Frequent detailing from Crown Detailing will keep your vehicle’s interior from being covered in residue. 

Resell Value

Your vehicle’s resell value will be much lower if it is a smoker’s vehicle. The residue of cigarettes can never leave the vehicle, regardless of how much cleaning is done. If you are concerned about retaining the value of your vehicle it is best to leave the cigarette in the carton until you get home.