Gas: The Coffee in Our Cars

August 23rd, 2018 by

Gas was the coffee in our cars. We originally only had one type of coffee, but we soon discovered more variations. The only fuel type for most vehicles used to be gas, but in recent years our options have expanded. The menu full of options confused us instead of inspired us. Just like at a restaurant, we questioned what to order after being given too many choices. Choosing your fuel type should be an easy choice.

Choosing the type of fuel required has become a tough decision for most people. The amount of octane (the chemical that resists gasoline from igniting too soon) in gasoline keeps rising, but so does the prices. High Octane gas is only required when specified in the Owner’s Manual.

Octane is a chemical compound used in gasoline. Octane’s chemical formula is C8H18

Written in the Owner’s Manual is exactly which type of gasoline to use in your vehicle for best performance, along with other vehicle maintenance tips. Premium gas sounded like it would be best suited for your vehicle, but it can decrease the vehicle’s ability to perform. Only put the recommended gasoline type in your vehicle for a smooth drive.

Choosing a restaurant – I mean gas station – is tougher than you think. Each station has their own rewards programs, fuel technologies, and price. Apps such as Gas Buddy and Waze rely on consumers to update gasoline prices. Everyone has their favourite gas stations but be sure to check gas prices beforehand while in a new part of town.

What About Alternative Fuel?

Are you interested in an alternative fuel type? Electric and Bio Fuels are becoming increasingly popular in Manitoba. There is even a research project dedicated to converting cattails into fuel. The worldwide verdict on biofuel is still out, especially with our Canadian winters, but there is still time to innovate.