Leaving Your Car Home for the Holidays l 2 Minute Read

December 17th, 2018 by

        Leaving your car home alone while on holidays requires extra care. Spend an hour to get your vehicle ready for the driveway before hopping on the plane. Prepare your vehicle for its “staycation” in under an hour in three easy steps. 



STEP 1: Engine Management 


        Fluid buildup in a vehicle can be harmful to your engine. Gasoline can go stale if left unused in a vehicle. If you drive a gasoline-powered vehicle, leave your gas tank on empty.  Longer vacations of 30 days or more will require you to change your vehicle’s oil before you leave. 

        A timed electrical outlet for your block heater will ensure your vehicle’s engine doesn’t freeze while preserving energy, keeping your hydro bills low. 

 Snow Covered Red Sedan

STEP 2: Protect 


         Go for a car wash before you leave. A wash and wax are best but the main idea here is to keep gunk from rusting your vehicle while you are away. Once your vehicle is clean, place a breathable car cover on top and check the tire pressure.



If it is a “material based” contamination like dust, dirt, sand, gravel, salt, etc. then these materials can retain moisture. Because moisture is a good conductor, it becomes a perfect environment for oxidization which leads to the formation of rust. Salt is not only a superconductor as compared to water alone, but it is also hygroscopic, which means it attracts and absorbs water making areas with salt accumulation a “high performance” rusting area.

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                  Protect your vehicle from critters by sealing any possible entrances to the inside of your vehicle, and if needed, set up traps. 


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STEP 3: Safety 


          Leave the keys at home. You won’t need them on your beach vacation. Give your car keys to a trusted friend just in case. Encourage them to take the car out once a week for you to ensure everything is in working order. 

           Keep all valuables out of site or in your home and check that all your vehicle’s locks and safety mechanisms are in working order. Remove the garage door opener from your vehicle. 


 Cars Covered With Snow


Before Leaving: 

  • Check that your vehicle isn’t parked in a no-parking zone 

  • If expecting guests, leave room for them to get around and perk their own vehicles. 

  • Double Check that all doors are locked 



          Enjoy your vacation without worrying about leaving your vehicle at home thanks to these three easy steps. If you are leaving for more than 30 days, be sure to bring your vehicle in for a checkup at any of our CROWN service shops. 


Happy Holidays from CROWN Auto Group!