How to Own a Vehicle as International Students

August 16th, 2018 by

International Students who are new to Canada will quickly learn that Winnipeg’s public transportation system doesn’t live up to their expectations. Bussing might be the cheaper way to get to class, but busses are often late and cause students to miss class.

Often International Students don’t realize they can qualify to leasea vehicle for their duration of their stay in Canada. If education is what you are looking for while in Winnipeg, don’t let a bus stop you.

The freedom of owning a vehicle get you to call on time and all you to explore all the great things Winnipeg and beyond have to offer. Explore rural Manitoba or just drive to your local coffee shop with your own set of wheels.

A short-term lease may be all International Students need if they are planning on studying in Winnipeg. A lease will let you temporarily own a vehicle without having to worry about selling it after school. Leasing will also give you lower monthly payments, which is more student-budget friendly. With a lease, you can build credit in a new country.

How to Lease

If you decide leasing is the best way to go, Crown Credit Solutions can help you get into the driver’s seat. Here is what you need to bring:

  • Two Pieces of Government Issued Identification
  • Passport
  • Letter of Authorization from Manitoba Public Insurance to drive in Manitoba
  • Proof of Residence
  • Income Verification from the previous three months or further back
  • Letter from your Post-Secondary Education Facility verifying enrollment and length
  • A down payment of 25%

A Winnipeg Transit Bus Pass for a student is $68 a month while a lease can be as low as $58 a month* with certain makes and models. A vehicle does have more monthly expenses of gas and insurance, but can you really put a price on education?

Don’t let the weather keep you from achieving your dreams. Contact a Crown Credit professional to learn more.

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