Four Easy Ways to Prep Your SUV for Hockey Season

September 19th, 2019 by

The leaves are falling, and the ice is freezing. It’s finally time for hockey season. Here are our tips on how to make hockey season easier for you and your family. 



Stay In Shape 

The first, and most important factor, when using your vehicle to tote your kids to and from hockey practice is the condition of your vehicle. You keep your kids safe on the ice but if it feels like your skating behind the wheel it’s time to stop. A good set of winter tires, using synthetic oil, and a fresh battery can make a big difference for those early morning practice sessions.  If your vehicle isn’t in the best shape, get it looked after before your next two-hour road trip! 


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Space Savers 

Space is a precious commodity when you have children and their large equipment bags stuffed into the back seat. Most vehicles offer foldable seating solutions. If your child’s hockey bag is too long for the trunk, fold your passenger seats so that the bag is placed beside your child instead of behind and if possible, strap it in to avoid rolling bags. If you have multiple bags, they can easily be stacked side by side.

Have more than two kids? Install a roof rack with a hard-shelled box to store bags. If your kids get rowdy in the backseat, you can threaten to put them on the roof! It’s a win-win!




Smells Like Teenager 

Hockey bags are notorious for smelling. Stick dryer sheets in your kid’s bag and in the crevices of your SUV. Place them under each seat, in cupholders, or pin them to the trunk. Invest in products that remove odours, not ones that cover smells up with other smells. Vacuuming every week will help reduce your vehicle’s dust intake.  


Prepare To Be Late 

Parents want their children to be on time for everything, but this doesn’t always work out. Keep high protein snack bars and water in reusable bottles in your vehicle. Once the snow hits, store those treats in your child’s bag. Don’t forget to plug your car in the night before, and to warm it up for thirty seconds before you drive to the arena.  


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