Fall Road Trip Ideas

September 27th, 2018 by

Falling leaves and the smell of pie inspire us to head out to the country. Here is a list of Fall Road Trip Ideas to help you shift into fall.

Day Trips Corn Mazes A Maze In Corn

Take your family on an adventure during your fall road trip. This is the one time you can tell the kids to “get lost.” There are plenty of corny mazes to choose from in Manitoba.

Farmer’s Market

Harvest time is here! This means lots of yummy goodies and freshly baked pies. The food always tastes better when you’ve shaken the hands that grew it. Check out all the regular farmer’s markets in Manitoba, sorted by location, here.

Apple Picking

Speaking of pie, spend the morning picking apples and reward yourself with a freshly baked pie in the evening. Check out CBC’s “Best- Ever Apple Pie recipe to get you in the mood.


Unwind in the hot tub surrounded by colourful leaves. This hidden gem combines our basic human instinct to be outside, with our desire to relax. It is especially beautiful in the fall.

Goose Flight Feasts

This unique attraction allows for diners to enjoy a delicious meal while watching the geese arrive during sunset. This Winnipeg attraction is the perfect excuse to take in nature during a relaxing evening. Weekend Getaway: Morden Curious minds enjoy the trip to Morden, Manitoba. Roam the plains like the dinosaurs before us and explore the Canadian Fossil Discovery Museum, or take a selfie with Bruse, the Mosasaur.


Get away from city life in this popular tourist town in Ontario. While they are most known for their summer vacations, the fall in an excellent time to book a fishing trip in Kenora.


Explore Spruce Woods Provincial Park, the Spirit Sands, and the Carberry Plains Museum. Truly experience small town living thanks to the two-hour drive from Winnipeg. Not sure if your vehicle will make it past the city limits? Our service centres can get your vehicle into shape for the fall road trip season. Can’t fit everyone into one vehicle? Check out our enormous selection of SUVs, vans, and more online.

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