Driving Through Construction Zones

August 23rd, 2018 by

The race to finish road construction is on – and your vehicle is the cost. Construction workers are working overtime to repair our roads before the snow arrives. Their quick fixes and splattering paint do more harm to our vehicles while driving through construction zones.

Here’s how to avoid damaging your vehicle when driving through Construction Zones:

Slow Down, But Not Too Much

Follow the speed limit to avoid a collision. Going to fall – or too slow – can cause confusion to other drivers.

Move Over

The machines used by street crews are often large and bulky. When passing, move further to the other side of the lane to avoid scraping your vehicles.

Watch Out for Fallen Cones

Safety Cones are meant to help guide the driver but on occasion, they can tip, lean over, or fall. Be on the lookout for a bright orange cone in your way.

Paint Splatter

Repainting the roads gives a fresh, clean look to your neighborhood but unfortunately not your vehicle. If you notice a truck painting, be sure to avoid driving on the lines and move to the edge of the roadway to avoid paint splatter. Did the truck get paint on your vehicle? It’s an easy clean for most vehicles, but Crown Detailing can make sure the paint doesn’t stay.

Bumps in the Road

What’s a little road work without a bump in the road? Slow down to a crawl, if possible, when driving between pavement and gravel roads. There are two different levels to the road. A little bump is all it takes to require a wheel alignment

Stay Back

It may be tempting to tailgate when the traffic’s at a crawl, but in a construction zone, this is a very dangerous move. An object (or person) might accidentally fall onto the road, forcing traffic to suddenly stop.

Merge Carefully

Lane changes and merging lanes will be affected by road construction. Avoid unnecessary lane changes while driving in construction zones and look twice before merging. Driving in road construction zones can cause confusion while driving. Drivers are much more likely to accidentally drift into your lane.

Use caution the next time you’re driving through construction zones, but remember, accidents do happen. Visit Crown Autobody & Glass, and Crown Detailing to get you back on the road, fast.

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