Connected Car, Connected People

August 24th, 2018 by

The pressure to stay connected is on. In the past few years manufacturers have been racing to put Wi-Fi in their vehicles. Private communication companies such as Bell have also hopped on the Wi-Fi train but is it worth the excitement?

In Canada, we want to do more, faster. Our cars need speed and we need to stay connected. What can we do when is illegal to use your phone while driving? Hands free devices feel like a money grab – until you try it.

Large screens that do not hinder your driving experience is a dream come true. Avoid sneaking a peak at your phone with a connected screen designed especially for you. Stay connected with your music, family, and road conditions all from the comforts of your driver’s seat.

Touch Screens can be all fun and games while still being functional. These devices not only have Navigation, but most have the bonus of being a Wi-Fi hotspot. Road trips to grandma’s house will go from “Are we there yet?” to “We’re here already?”

You won’t have to stop and ask for directions with a connected car. Access up-to-date navigation and road updates straight from your vehicle. Your vehicle practically drives itself with its collection of maps and traffic news.

What’s the problem with a connected car?

As most Canadians know, Wi-Fi is expensive. Having a vehicle that can do everything your phone can sounds amazing, but when you’re already paying $80 a month for your cell phone bill, it can add up quickly. The addition of an extra $70 a month for your vehicle to be connected is an added expense that most Canadians cannot afford.

Most vehicles come with a free trial of these services and many wireless providers have a plan to incorporate your existing data plan to your vehicle. You can also save money by tethering your cell phone’s data to your vehicle for everyday use.

Staying connected is important for many Canadian families. Your next drive home can finally be bicker-free thanks to Wi-Fi and your connected car.





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