Top Five Reasons Why People Buy Used Cars

February 6th, 2019 by

      Purchasing a used vehicle can be a fantastic investment for anyone! Purchasing the right vehicle for you is easy with tools such as experienced sales professionals and CarFax Reports.



Here are the Top Five Reasons to purchase a Used Vehicle:



5) Cheaper to Repair

       If your vehicle breaks down for any reason, the parts on a used vehicle are substantially cheaper than those on a brand new vehicle. You can also use refurbished parts on your vehicle. If your vehicle was particularly popular parts will be easier to find. Keep in mind that an older vehicle might require more repairs, but it may pay for itself in the long run.


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4) More Features for Less

         Many used vehicles that are on our lot were traded in for a newer version of what they already had. These vehicles are often upgraded versions of the original model with added features such as a remote starter or Bluetooth.


3) Fewer Fees

       When a vehicle is sold for the first time ever taxes added on to accommodate for an extra vehicle on Manitoba roads. A used vehicle has already paid these taxes and the vehicle is no longer subject to them.



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2) Easy to Find Owner’s Reviews

       Owner’s reviews are a great way to learn about how the vehicle performs and fits the owner’s needs. If a vehicle has been around for a few years there are more reviews about it. Vehicles only have reviews for however long it has been sold for.

Read Canadian Reviews from Canadian Car Owners Here



1) Cheaper Upfront Price

       The obvious selling point of a used vehicle is that it is cheaper overall to purchase. Used vehicles have a lower selling point than it’s the newer counterpart.




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