1_s68rpUQHKudLAigsiFGucw.jpegWhether it’s Gimli, Birds Hill, or Steep rock, the beach has been calling Manitobans in this beautiful summer sun. Manitoba has been blessed with an exceptionally warm summer which is great for us but may not be amazing for our vehicle.
You may not know this, but extreme heat can be just as hazards for our vehicles as the bitter winter. Batteries can incur more damage from extreme heat than they do in the wintertime.
Get your battery tested and/or replaced if needed. Batteries that are 3–5 years old typically hold less charge and may have you stuck in the driveway, or have trouble maintain a charge after initially starting.
You should also check your tire pressure before heading out on your road trip or day trip. Flat or under-inflated tires affect your vehicle’s braking and handling, leaving you susceptible to blowouts when driving on hot tar.
You can top up your tires at many gas stations to the manufacturer–recommended pressure which is listed on your door jamb. If your tires are deflating quickly after a top-up, it may be time to purchase new tires. You can purchase a brand new set at any of our Crown Auto Group Dealerships for great deals.
Driving Tips
Don’t idle your vehicle. Though it may keep the car cool, idling puts you at risk of locking yourself out of your vehicle, which if far out on a road trip may take hours or days to resolve. In addition to this, it’s terrible for the environment and burns through your gas.
Always make sure important items such as cellphones and wallets are not left in the vehicle. If they are stolen or locked in, this could leave you without means to communicate or help yourself in an emergency.
On that safety note, make sure you have your emergency roadside kit with you. It should be stocked and customized with food, water, first aid, and blankets for the number of people who will be traveling with you.
Traveling with little ones can turn you into a live entertainment system. This distracts you from driving and increases fatigue. Carry a backpack with soft toys, books, and games to keep the little ones entertained while you drive.
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