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Hot Tips for a Cold Car

By gabbyt | Posted in Garage, Vehicle Maintenance on Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 8:21 PM

Winter brings ice, snow, and dead car batteries. Prepare your vehicle for the worst with these Hot Tips!

Plug It In

Keep your engine warm by plugging in your block heater. A warm engine will keep the fluids in your vehicle warm, allowing the engine to start in the cold weather. Purchase an adjustable timer for your outlet if you are worried about your vehicle affecting your hydro bill.

Warm It Up

Newer vehicles require less time to warm up, but it is still important to do it. It is suggested to warm up your vehicle for about 60 seconds before you drive in the winter and drive slowly for the first five to ten minutes of driving.



Seat Heat

Most newer vehicles have the option of adding heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Do yourself a favour and use them in the winter. Is your vehicle missing this winter accessory? Crown Performance can install heated seats in your vehicle any time of the year.

Photo of Person Driving Car While Raining

Adjust Your Settings

Work those Angles! Play with your settings to find that sweet spot on you dash where the heat hits your cold fingers at the right angle and temperature.


Keep It Clear

Wipe your windows before you take off. Be sure to wear waterproof gloves to avoid freezing your fingers.




Put It In Park – Inside

Snow, wind, and ice wreak havoc on your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle sheltered will help your vehicle stay warm and safe from winter storms. If this is not an option, avoid parking underneath trees or underneath handing objects. The weight of the snow and ice could cause these objects to break and fall onto your vehicle.


Any one of our service shops can prepare your vehicle for the cold. Not sure if your vehicle is going to make it through the winter? We have plenty of winter-ready vehicles for you to test today.



Car Seat Tips

By gabbyt | Posted in Did You Know, How To on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 10:02 PM

Installing a car seat can be difficult without the right help. Here are some tips and resources from Crown Auto Group to help keep your child safe. 



Leaving it to the Professionals 

            Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) are found in Winnipeg. These professionals are trained to assure your car seat has been installed correctly. 


You can find the tech closest to you by visiting the CPST website, or the Canadian Car Seat Network. 



Different Seats for Different Sizes 

             There are different car seats for different stages in your child’s life. Be sure to check your car seat’s instruction for the seat’s size limitations. 



Baby: Best for infants to two years old, or a weight limit of 35-40 lbs. 

Convertible:These have both forward and rear facing capabilities. It is recommended to keep your child in the reverse position until around two years old.  

Booster Seat: Allows the child to sit higher up in their seat and use the seat belt provided by the vehicle. 




Don’t Throw Away your Receipt 

               On occasion, your child’s seat and rear seats will not fit together. Be sure to check with a professional to see if your car seat and vehicle are a good match before you toss the receipt.  



Keep the Instructions 

               While you may know how to install your child’s seat, the next person to install it may not. Tape the car seat’s instructions underneath the seat to avoid losing them. 




Recalls Happen 

             Stay updated on recalls by registering with your manufacturer. You will directly receive recall notices to your inbox. 


Expiry Dates 

           All Car Seats typically expire after six years. This is due to safety technology constantly upgrading and normal wear-and-tear. The expiration date is found stamped on the side of the car seat. 




Have more questions? Here is a list of resources to help you keep your family safe. 


The Five Types of Winnipeg Drivers

By gabbyt | Posted in Vehicle Maintenance on Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 7:39 PM

          When asked, everyone will say that they are a “good driver” but if you’ve ever spent more than 10 minutes on a Winnipeg road, you’ll know that this isn’t the case. Our “Driver Detectives” have put together a list of the Five Types of Winnipeg Drivers. 



The Slow Poke 

         This can be anyone from the new driver next door, to the retired semi-truck driver. These folks are ones you don’t want to get stuck behind when you’re in a hurry. Travelling well under the speed limit, these folks enjoy stopping instead of yielding, taking an extra five minutes to leave their parking spaces, and refuse to drive after dark. 





Speed Racer 

          No one knows if these types of Winnipeg Drivers are perpetually late or just have a lead foot. Watch out for speed racers, as they can come in many different shapes and sizes. Weaving in and out of traffic is a favourite pastime and can usually been seen followed by a police car. The rev of the engine is the Speed Racer’s theme music. 



DJ Driver 

         You can hear these folks before you see them. Fond of “dropping the bass” in traffic. Unafraid to be themselves, the DJ Driver can be seen jamming out and drumming their steering wheels anywhere from a red light downtown, or in a McDonald’s drive thru. 




The Jugglers 

          Mastering the art of using their knees to steer was no easy task, but someone had to do it! Driving for these folks is a simple, mundane task. The morning commute is no biggie for Jugglers with one hand on the steering wheel and the other cradling a coffee cup. The driver’s seat doubles as a makeup table/breakfast nook most days. These folks know the true value of an infotainment system. 




The Perfect Driver 

           Rarely seen but often spoken of. These types of Winnipeg Drivers have low MPI payments and high self-esteem. Most people will place themselves in this category, but not many of their passengers will agree. These folks can often be found as backseat drivers, but rarely in the driver’s seat themselves. 





Have your driving habits left you vehicle-less? Crown Auto Group makes car ownership easy. We can find you the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle, regardless of which type of driver you are. 




Time to Re-Tire Your Winter Tires

By gabbyt | Posted in Vehicle Maintenance on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:12 PM

Harsh Manitoba winters force drivers to use winter tires. Our icy roads and snow-packed residential streets contribute to many winter collisions throughout the province. Choosing the right tire for your driving conditions requires research. Let us remove the guess work and help you make your decision easy.


Winter Tires

Winter Tires provide Manitoba drivers with confidence. These silica-enhanced tires allow the rubber to better grip the road in cold conditions. Their edges better grip the road in snowy and icy conditions.


Studded Tires

Escape from your snow-packed driveway this winter with studded tires. The snow on our residential streets pack down after the first snowfall, making driving difficult. Studded tires are the best type of winter tire to grip the packed snow. Studded tires are your best choice for Manitoban winters.


Manitoba Tire Laws

Winter tires are NOT mandatory by law in Manitoba, but any Manitoban driver can tell you they are needed for the harsh daily commute. Winter tires can be worn in Manitoba from October 1st to April 30th. A fine can be given to those driving with winter tires after April 30th.

MPI Winter Tire Program

Manitoba Public Insurance has a financing program for Winter Tires called the MPI Winter Tire Program. Drivers stay safe without the financial burden thanks to this program. To learn more, visit them online, or visit any Crown Auto Group location.

Choosing a Brand

With so many tire manufacturers, it is difficult to decide on a brand. Any Crown Auto Body service shop can help you choose which tire is best suited for your vehicle, driving patterns, and budget. Visiting one of our service shops specific to your vehicle make will give you the advantage of speaking with the experts in your vehicle about which tire best suits your model.


Let Crown Auto Group help you re-tire your vehicle. Visit any one of our dealerships and let the experts help you choose the best tire for your vehicle.

Back to School Zones

By gabbyt | Posted in Community, Did You Know on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 1:55 PM

Back to School means back to school zones. School zones are high traffic areas full of small children to young drivers. Drive with caution through these zones with these safety tips from Crown Auto Group.




Know Your Zones

       The most common reason why people get ticketing in school zones is that they didn’t realize they were driving through one. Map out where they are on your drive are, and be sure to slow down during their active hours. If you think you can’t remember the times, plan an alternative route.


Slow Down

       School zones are busier and slow moving. If you are in a rush it is best to avoid school zones. These zones are not a good shortcut to your home and will slow you down.



Watch Out for Crosswalks

       You may not be able to see small children looking to cross the street. Crosswalks offer a safe place for drivers to stop for pedestrians. If you aren’t sure if someone intends to cross, be sure to stop and wait for their signal.



Crossing Guards

       These volunteers can be found in brightly coloured safety vests and are often waving large flags. Be on the lookout for these people in school zones, as they are typically surrounded by groups of pedestrians. Follow their signals for a smooth transition.







Be Aware of Other Drivers

           Parents dropping off their young ones and student drivers are often in a hurry. Be ready for vehicles to suddenly peel in and out of the roadway. Passenger doors will suddenly be opened by students leaving the vehicle. Drive at a safe distance away from all parked vehicles to avoid an accident.





Be prepared for school zones this year. Can’t quite fit your entire family into one vehicle? Check out our New Vehicle Inventory and be sure to book your Winter Maintenance Appointment before the snow falls.

What to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Pre-Owned Vehicle

By gabbyt | Posted in How To on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 at 9:56 PM

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle gives you unlimited options on what to buy. Not sure what to look for when buying a used car? We can help you determine what your needs and wants in a vehicle are. Endless options await you.


What Am I Looking For?

          Determining what you require in a vehicle is the most important part of owning a vehicle. Determine how many seats you’ll need daily, where it will be going, and which extra features you desire before you step into the showroom. This is the time to treat yourself to the car tech you’ve been drooling over.

Fill out our VEHICLE WISHLIST to determine what your vehicle needs are.


How much can I spend?

          Check out our Auto Loan Calculator to find out how much you can comfortably spend on a vehicle payment. This will help you narrow down how much you can spend on a vehicle.


What Should I Ask?

You have the advantage when purchasing a vehicle. Here are some things you want to ask about when looking at a used vehicle:

  • CarProof/CarFax 

  • Vehicle History

  • Previous Maintenance History

  • Owner History

  • Unique Features

Get Behind the Wheel

           Every vehicle drives differently. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle you are interested in can help you make your decision on which vehicle to go with. Observe how you feel in the driver’s seat, the vehicle’s visibility, and the stereo system. Test everything out that you would normally use on your drive home and see how you feel behind the wheel. If you are comfortable driving, test out how the vehicle brakes, takes sharp turns, and accelerates. Knowing how a vehicle performs is important when deciding on a vehicle.


Looking for a Loan

Our 30 Second Credit Application will tell you how much you can get for a vehicle loan. One of our Crown Auto Group credit specialists will contact you with information once completed.


Have more questions? Visit any one of our dealerships and speak to a Product Advisor. Book an appointment and check out our online inventory. 




How to Be a Good Cosigner

By gabbyt | Posted in How To on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 at 7:32 PM

           Cosigning is a common practice in Canada. If a person is unable to prove their financial security but needs a loan, a cosigner can help them obtain one.

               Many lenders advise against cosigning due to the large responsibility, but on occasion, a cosigner is required for a person to obtain a loan.


What is a Cosigner?

       A Cosigner is someone with a good credit score who goes on record to say they will take over a loan if the primary signer can no longer pay it.



The Benefits

        Being a Cosigner has many benefits to both the person needing the loan and the cosigner. Some of the benefits of being a Cosigner include building your own credit score and getting a higher quality loan.

The Risk

            Cosigning a loan means that if the applicant can no longer pay the loan, the loan becomes your responsibility. How your credit will be affected throughout the entirety of the loan is dependent on the applicant paying back the loan.



How to Be a Good Cosigner

Before you agree to cosign, asses your personal risk in the deal. You must be confident you can make the payments for this loan in addition to your own. If the applicant can no longer pay the loan, you are responsible.

1) Assess Personal Risk – Can you afford this loan

2) Build Trust – Only cosign if you have built a strong enough relationship with the applicant

3) Review the Terms of the Loan – Be sure you fully understand the loan before signing

4) Keep in Contact – You have the responsibility as the Cosigner to assure the loan is being paid

5) Help When Needed – If the applicant cannot make a payment, your credit score will be affected. It is better for the Cosigner to make the payment than to take a hit on their credit score.



Get Out of Cosigning

       Want to remove yourself as a Cosigner? There are many options to change the contract. Discuss with your loaner and applicant which method works best for all parties.

Have more questions on how to be a good cosigner? Crown Credit Solutions can help!

Call, Email, or swing by Crown Credit Solutions for the best credit advice in Winnipeg.

Falling Out of Love with Your Vehicle

By gabbyt | Posted in How To, Vehicle Purchasing on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 at 7:32 PM

        Falling out of love with your vehicle is a part of life. The googly eyes and steering wheel caresses are long gone but that doesn’t mean your vehicle doesn’t deserve love. A vehicle appraisal will help you say goodbye to your old car. Your vehicle may no longer be the love of your life, but it can be for someone else.

Why We Want Your Vehicle 

You Care About It 

         Most Winnipeggers treat their vehicle like family. We recognize the hours you’ve spent cruising around the perimeter, the family trips to Fargo, and the early morning hockey practices. Your vehicle has been there for you for many years. We want to keep that tradition going. Falling out of love with your vehicle doesn’t need to be an issue at Crown Auto Group.

Vehicle Upkeep 

          Your vehicle is stilling running, but you don’t have the time or money to keep up with it anymore. Any one of our seven certified service shops would love to get to work restoring your vehicle back to its former glory.

We Play Favorites 

          We prefer locally owned vehicles over other provinces. A vehicle appraisal in your neighborhood makes things easier on you. We are accustomed to seeing pothole damage in our service and auto body shops. Selling your vehicle to us will assure your vehicle gets the care it deserves.




The Benefits to You 


Local Business = More Money 

          Our local business can give you more money for your trade-in than a large auction house. The other guys are buying cars by the hundreds from all over the country, but we love our local cars best. We can give you more money than an auction house can, because they are trying to make the largest profit possible from your vehicle, regardless of how much you’ve spent on it over the years.

Stranger Free

             You’re not just a customer at Crown Auto Group, you’re family. We get to know you over the years and enjoy getting up to speed with you and your family’s accomplishments. Instead of waiting for a stranger to come to your house, you can visit anyone of our homes across the city. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while you relax in our lounge while we do all the work.


How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Us: 

Your vehicle doesn’t require any work to be done. Cleaning your car goes a long way, but you don’t have to worry about removing that dent or getting it safetied. Our certified technicians will handle everything for you.

Falling Out of Love with your Vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult. Book your vehicle appraisal today!



Get Your Vehicle Back to School Ready

By gabbyt | Posted in Did You Know on Monday, August 27th, 2018 at 5:25 PM

       With summer coming to a close and the school year quickly approaching, your kids may be ready for fall, but is your vehicle? Once September hits your sweet summer ride converts to the carpool bus. Your vehicle reacts to earlier mornings and colder nights just like people do, but their needs require a bit more than a cup of Joe.


Get your vehicle back to school ready with these tips from Crown Auto Group

Time for an Oil Change

         Before the summer ends and your days get filled with hockey practice and dance recitals, get your vehicle back to school ready with an oil change. Book your oil change at Crown Auto Group. Our comfortable service lounges will keep you and your family relaxed while receiving a speedy service. Ignoring an oil change warning can cause issues on your vehicle in the long run. Don’t have time to call? Book online!



Cooler Nights


           Cooler evenings mean your vehicle needs to warm up in the mornings. Most newer vehicles do not require to be started more than thirty seconds before driving. If you have command start, turn your vehicle on as you leave the door. If not, visit Crown Performance before the cold starts setting in.

           Be sure to look out for small animals that may be sleeping between your tires or underneath your vehicle. Your vehicle provides shelter on cold nights to wild animals. If an animal is spotted under your vehicle look over your vehicle for loose wires or liquids before driving.

Rushed Mornings

          Have everyone’s lunches packed the night before and backpacks ready by the door makes for a smoother transition to the car in the mornings. Have something you don’t want to forget? Put it in your vehicle the night before. Forgot breakfast? Keep a box of granola bars and dried fruit in your vehicle to avoid a case of the “hangries”.

Running Out of Gas

           Leaving the house ten minutes late is already stressful but adding an empty tank is enough to send anyone packing. Take advantage of your vehicle’s navigation system to locate the nearest gas station.

Avoid Spills or Messes (and What to Do When it Happens)

           If your child is too old for a sippy cup but keeps spilling in the vehicle, give them a spill-proof travel mug or water bottle, and keep a roll of toilet paper and baby wipes in the glovebox to keep your vehicle clean. A container of all-purpose cleaning wipes can’t hurt either. Check out this guide for the inside scoop to stain removal.



image from




Extra Guests

              Did your family grow this summer? If you can’t comfortably fit your family’s car seats in the back seat it is time to look at a larger vehicle. Visit our online inventory and fill out a Vehicle Wishlist to determine your family’s needs.



Don’t get caught in the back-to-school rush. Visit Crown Auto Group to book a test drive or your next service appointment.

Connected Car, Connected People

By gabbyt | Posted in Vehicle Purchasing on Friday, August 24th, 2018 at 8:29 PM

          The pressure to stay connected is on. In the past few years manufacturers have been racing to put Wi-Fi in their vehicles. Private communication companies such as Bell have also hopped on the Wi-Fi train but is it worth the excitement?


           In Canada, we want to do more, faster. Our cars need speed and we need to stay connected. What can we do when is illegal to use your phone while driving? Hands free devices feel like a money grab – until you try it.

             Large screens that do not hinder your driving experience is a dream come true. Avoid sneaking a peak at your phone with a connected screen designed especially for you. Stay connected with your music, family, and road conditions all from the comforts of your driver’s seat.

            Touch Screens can be all fun and games while still being functional. These devices not only have Navigation, but most have the bonus of being a Wi-Fi hotspot. Road trips to grandma’s house will go from “Are we there yet?” to “We’re here already?”

          You won’t have to stop and ask for directions with a connected car. Access up-to-date navigation and road updates straight from your vehicle. Your vehicle practically drives itself with its collection of maps and traffic news.

What’s the problem with a connected car?

        As most Canadians know, Wi-Fi is expensive. Having a vehicle that can do everything your phone can sounds amazing, but when you’re already paying $80 a month for your cell phone bill, it can add up quickly. The addition of an extra $70 a month for your vehicle to be connected is an added expense that most Canadians cannot afford.

       Most vehicles come with a free trial of these services and many wireless providers have a plan to incorporate your existing data plan to your vehicle. You can also save money by tethering your cell phone’s data to your vehicle for everyday use.

Staying connected is important for many Canadian families. Your next drive home can finally be bicker-free thanks to Wi-Fi and your connected car.


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